Welcome to our travel blog. We are Tabitha and Nic. In 2011 we 'retired' in our early 40s and set off to travel the world. We spent our first year in South America and have been lucky enough to make two trips to Antarctica.

Our blog is a record of our travels, thoughts and experiences. It is not a guide book, but we do include some tips and information, so we hope that you may find it useful if you are planning to visit somewhere we have been. Or you may just find it interesting as a bit of armchair travel.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tips, recommendations and suggestions to avoid

I have finally managed to bring the tips page up to date.  Have added tips for things that we found, or would have found, useful to know.  Have also included recommendations for accomodation and a few other things that we found to be worth a special mention, as well as a few suggestion of things that in our opinion are best avoided.

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