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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life in the Eco Camp

View from Eco Camp

Those of us staying at Eco Camp and not doing the multi day treks were put into Safari Group.  The members of the group changed as people left and arrived each day, but most days there were between eight and twelve people.  The age bracket tended to be a bit older, because the younger and more energetic people were all out in the Refugio's and campsites, but there was an interesting mix none the less.  The good thing about a place like this is that the people who go are interested in travel and new experiences, so are the kind of people that you can have a good conversation with and make the time enjoyable.

Ecxo Camp core domes
Each day, there were two walks available, a relatively easy one and a challenging one.  Nic generally took advantage of there being people who could walk with him and opted for the more challenging route.  As I wasn't doing these walks, he  has promised that he will blog on them separately, which I personally think will be even more of an achievement than the walking as so far he hasn't done a single blog in the whole time we've been away!  Don't hold your breath!

Being an Eco Camp, we were expecting a lot of rules and restrictions designed to be environmentally friendly, but in fact the camp made it very easy for the guests.  The loos were composting toilets, but these were a nice surprise for being very 'normal' and not at all unpleasant to use.  You had to use biodegradable toiletries, but they provided them so that was easy, and they did all of the sorting for the recycling so that was easy too.  There was no electricity in the sleeping domes, but they provided a little light and we had torches for the night, and by the morning the sunlight lit up the inside nicely.  They used a combination of water turbine and solar power so that we could charge up camera batteries etc, and the fact that there was no internet or phone coverage was actually quite nice for a change.  This was definitely an easy was to be Eco.

Eco Camp lounge

And the food was pretty good too.  Breakfast and dinner were served up in the dining room and as most people we walking during the day, lunch was a DiY job, where you made up your own rolls or wraps from a buffet put out at breakfast time and took it with you.

Overall this was a great place to stay.  It wasn't cheap - aside from the camping and refugios, nowhere in the park is - but it was very comfortable, friendly and in a fabulous location.

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