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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One disqualification, another world record and even more cheers

Our second session at the athletics gave us the men's pole vault final, the first round of the 4x100m relay and the 4x400m relay final, as well as the women's finals of the hammer, 1500m, 5000m and the 4x100m relay.

Having seen a lot of the Park yesterday and having found it rather too warm, we decided to have a later start today, so we arrived around 2pm, in time to make our way to the Park Live area to catch the BMX biking.  Whilst I have never been entirely sure that it should be an Olympic sport, it is fun to watch.

Unfortunately part of the reason I like it does seem to be because of the propensity for them to fall over, but I'm fairly sure that isn't just me that secretly hopes for a pile up - without causing any serious injury of course!

Well we certainly got a pile up this time. In one of the rounds, the second placed guy crashed, only for everyone behind to go piling into him, so the only person left upright was the guy ahead, who crossed the line wondering where everyone else was. I think everyone was OK though. 
The other sport that featured highly on the live screen was the women's bronze medal hockey match. Not being that far from the pitch itself, and there being a slight delay on the transmission, we had a bit of a heads up whenever anything good happened.
We would hear a huge cheer go up across the park, and then see Team GB score a goal. At least it made sure you didn't look away at a crucial point and miss a goal.

It was nice today to have a bit more Team GB participation, and we certainly cheered our men around the 4x100m relay.

Unfortunately it was to no avail, as we were then disqualified for messing up the baton change again. Disappointing.

We did pretty well in the men's pole vault though, which got some good cheers up, but sadly not quite into the top three for the medals.

However the biggest achievement of the evening probably had to be the USA women's team in the 4x100m relay final, as they broke another world record. Love seeing those big World Record signs flash up around the stadium.

But from world records to world firsts.  This Olympics was not only the first time the they had women's boxing, and women as part the team from every country, it was also the first time that a double amputee athlete had competed.

Oscar Pistorius was running in tonight's 4x400m in his flex-foot Cheetahs.  Whether or not he should have been allowed to was a contentious issue, and I can see why.  Whilst I do think it is great that we are recognising the abilities of people, I do wonder whether there can really be any guarantee that he is competing on a level basis with everyone else

Overall we had an excellent couple of days in the Olympic Park.  It was clear that things were well organised and though there doubtless were a few glitches behind the scenes, it was all very smooth for us visitors.  And everyone was so friendly and cheerful.  Now I just hope that this good mood can last beyond these few weeks.

Oh but there was one other thing that I especially liked.  It was great to be in the stadium and be able to see that beautiful Olympic flame.  Even from a distance, it really does look fabulous, and I was very happy to get to see it.

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