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Monday, September 24, 2012


Our second day in Edinburgh was also the last day of the Olympics, so we again had kept the day mostly free to watch that, with just the one show booked.  We figured that as it was early evening, we had a reasonable chance of making it back in time for the closing ceremony, and with the help of a cab back, we only missed a little bit, so we were able to watch the Olympics draw to a close and the extinguishing of the flame.

With the Olympics no longer here to distract us - it was slightly strange to get up and not turn on the TV for the sport - we threw ourselves into the fringe properly.

When we had decided what to go to, we hadn't researched any reviews of the acts at all, we had just tried to pick out a mix of different types of comedy where we liked the sound of the show. With only a few lines of description to go on, we were well aware that we could have picked a few real duds, but we were hoping that at least some would be good.

Overall, we were mostly happy with our choices. There were a couple of ones that we wished we hadn't bothered with, but most were enjoyable and a few were very good. Not sure that we have really seen much in the way of emerging new comedy superstars, but there at least some that we now wouldn't overlook if they were on the bill nearby.

We figured that the free ones were probably even more of a risk, as they are obviously the newcomers, who have not yet earned themselves a paying show. But in fact, some of the free shows were also very good.

We have been to Edinburgh a couple of times before, so we've done the castle and some of the other sights previously, and with all of the shows we were seeing, we didn't have time for a great deal else. But we did manage to catch up with a few friends while we were there which was nice.

With one of the couples that we met up with, we had arranged to meet at a small bistro for brunch. They had got there first and ordered some coffees that still hadn't arrived when we tried to order, even though the place was empty apart from us. With it being only 11am, we had to choose from the breakfast menu, but that was OK, until we asked for the full cooked, only to be told that they didn't have any eggs, sausages, bacon or most other things. They could apparently do us a smoked salmon bagel or some croissants, but that was it.

And apparently it was far too early for the chef to be ready for the lunch menu instead as he was busy cooking pasta! Needless to say we went elsewhere and took bets on how quickly that particular place would be out of business if it couldn't be bothered to take advantage of about the busiest periods that Edinburgh ever has!
Aside from meeting people, probably the most interesting thing that we did was to try out the much talked about local delicacy of the deep fried Mars bar. Nic had been looking forward to this for a while, although neither of us had been especially optimistic about what it would be like.

In fact, it was pretty good. The batter was a light coating and not overly greasy, and the inside had softened into a warm and tasty gooey chocolate caramel that was actually surprisingly nice!

Since then we have been advised that we should also have tried the deep fried pizza, but that seems like a step too far.


  1. I'm yet to make my way through a whole deep fried mars bar, I watched my friend do it once but it took her a fair while! Sounds like you had a nice time on your trip to Edinburgh, apart from the cafe of course. It's such a shame when establishments are like that...makes you wonder why they ever bothered opening in the first place! I wondered actually, if you could perhaps offer a little advice? I'm trying to figure out the best place to rent a serviced apartment in Edinburgh. Somewhere desirable, safe, with lots going on near it but in a quiet enough place not to suffer disturbances at night etc. Sorry, quite specific! But its nice to get the run down from someone who may know the area well. Thanks for this blog, I'll visit again soon :)

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment. We did enjoy our couple of weeks in Edinburgh. Unfortunately I don't think we've spent long enough in the different parts of Edinburgh to give you a full answer, but I can say that the area we were renting a flat in was nice. We were in MacDonald Road, just off Leith Walk. It is just far enough out of the main part of town that it isn't so crowded, and we certainly had no disturbances there during the busy festival period, but still within walking distance of the centre. Our rental was only short term and non serviced, but I am sure there would be suitable places available. There may well be better areas, but we quite liked it around there and it was very convenient.. Hope you find somewhere and enjoy your time in Edinburgh.


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