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Our blog is a record of our travels, thoughts and experiences. It is not a guide book, but we do include some tips and information, so we hope that you may find it useful if you are planning to visit somewhere we have been. Or you may just find it interesting as a bit of armchair travel.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

And we are off again

So, off we go on our next stint.  This one is another long one - in fact we don't even have a return flight this time.

Our itinerary is rough at present, but is broadly the following:

On 11 January 2015, we flew out to Hong Kong and on to Kunming in China.  We then picked up a Dragoman trip which takes us from Kunming to Bangkok over one month, but spending most of that time in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

From there, we will spend a couple of weeks each in Singapore and Taiwan, then a couple of months in Japan, before we fly over to Australia and have six months between there and New Zealand.  We then head back to SE Asia for a couple of months in Cambodia and Laos, before going over to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year 2016.

From there, we may go straight back to the UK, or if the weather there is bad, we might stop off somewhere warmer.

If you know us, and think we may be in the same place at around the same time, do get in touch.

We will start posting regularly when we can, but the internet is pretty sparse in China and Myanmar.

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