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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tartu, Estonia

Kissing Students Fountain, Tartu
From Tallinn, we took a very nice, modern train on to Tartu, which was complete with fancy bike racks and free wifi.

We stayed at the Domus Dorpatensis apartments, which were right next to main square. And I do mean right next to it - the door came out onto the square itself, next to its much loved Kissing Students Fountain.

We managed to be in Tartu during the Hanseatic Festival, so there was a medieval fair on in Town Hall Square, although I suspect that much of the stuff on sale, and the music being played, had never even been thought of back in those days.

The products were decent though, rather than the type of complete tourist tat that you might often find at these things.

Patsijuust - cheese braids, Tartu

We were a little intrigued by the Patsijuust, which literally translates as braids of cheese, and is just that - plaits of stringy cheese, but we tried a bit and decided it looked rather more interesting than it tasted, so didn't buy any.

In the park nearby, the kids were being very well provided for with zorbing balls and a range of bouncy inflatables. The place was very busy, as the locals were definitely out in force for the day.

On our first day, we opted for the easy choice of Café Truffe on the main square for food and, especially for a main square, we thought it was OK. The food was decent and reasonable value, and they had nice cheap cocktails.


For better quality food, I would happily recommend the Polpo restaurant, even though it is in a hotel and was pretty quiet when we were there. it was good value and tasty, with some unusual elements like a moose salad starter.

Sauce pot at Chez Andre, Tartu

With one of our days here being very hot, we felt we had a decent enough excuse to pop in to Chez André for a glass of Cava and one of their lovely cakes too. The had beautiful little silver sauce pots, which I desperately wanted to 'accidentally' drop into my bag, but Nic insisted that I resist!

BBQ, Tartu

Our last day was rather different weather, as it basically rained all day, leaving us just dipping in and out of the local shops. Nic's best memory of that day was the pea and broccoli soup that he had, which he said was the best soup he had had in ages - but of course we cant remember where we had it!



The Crooked House, through a National Geographic frame,  Tartu




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