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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back in the UK with things to do (Throwback post)

So, having finished our time in North America with a relaxing stay in Montreal, it was time to return to the UK. And this time, we were planning to staying for quite a while. Not because we have tired if travelling - not in the least - but because we had decided that it was time to increase our travel budget by selling our central London flat.

So the plan was to sell our flat to coincide with the end of our tenants' contract the next May (2014), and buy somewhere a little further from the centre - and quite a bit cheaper - instead. We figured on spending November and December looking at potential areas in London, then January and February looking for a new property in our chosen location. Our aim then was to move in for about six months, to do any work, sort out any issues and take an opportunity to live somewhere for a while, before renting it out and setting off again.

With not having to consider a commute to work, we were able to consider a new location based on just the factors that were important to us. We decided that proximity to central London with good transport links, reasonable access to facilities, and somewhere nearby with nice shops, cafes and a good feel to it. And obviously with suitable types of properties in our price range.

We started checking out areas, and came in for a bit of a surprise - we found a new property. Amongst other areas, we had been looking at Greenwich, and we came across a new development, which seemed to match what we wanted perfectly. So we put down a deposit for a flat that was still being built.

As with most house selling and buying, we had a few frustrating moments along the way, but we sold our Clerkenwell flat in May, and moved in to our new Greenwich place in July 2014. It was just as well we did, as despite being brand new, there were plenty of faults that needed putting right.

With dealing with the sale and purchase, and moving in for a while, we didn't start our next big trip until January 2015, when we left for China, and began the trip I am covering in the main blog posts. So the throwback posts will continue for a bit longer while I cover some of the things we did in the interim.

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