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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Lemaire Channel

After a windy night, the expedition team and crew went and broke the camp and brought back the tents, bivi bags and sleeping bags.  Unfortunately there were three less than they had started with.  They had blown away in the wind.

The crew did manage to find and rescue one set though; while we were eating breakfast, we spotted them pulling it out of the sea.  We were fairly glad that we hadn't been in the tents!

All of the tents were soaked, so the first task after breakfast was to get everything hung up in the drying room reach for the next night of camping.


There were no activities in the morning because we were on the move, heading a bit further south.  Our journey this morning took us through the Lemaire Channel, which is nicknamed 'Kodak Gap'  because it is so picturesque.

Of course on a cloudy day like this, it is difficult to see the full effect of the scenery, especially in photos.

The channel runs for 11km between the continental peninsula and Booth Island, but it is only 1600m wide with steep sides. Often, it is hard to tell where the white snow covered mountains end and the white snowy and cloudy sky starts.

Occasionally we would get a break in the clouds and suddenly could see that the land went much higher than we'd realised. On a clear day, this would undoubtedly have been breathtaking; it was still pretty awesome today.

As you approach the channel, you can't see it until very late, so you start to wonder whether the captain has lost it, but he hadn't. The ice can sometimes block the channel completely, but we were in luck today and sailed right through.

Needless to say, the photos in this posting are all ice and snow.  At least it makes a change from penguins.

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