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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weddell Sea update

So I said before that we were disappointed that our trip to Antarctica did not go into the Weddell Sea, and that whilst we did of course have some amazing experiences, we were upset that we did not get what we had really wanted from this one off trip.

I didn't mention the name of the agency that we booked through because we had used the agency for another booking and were very happy with them in that so, although we were angry with what happened here, we didn't know whether the fault lay with them or the company itself, so it seemed reasonable to give them a chance to make recompense before criticising them to everyone.

We have now heard back from them, and I am genuinely impressed with how they have dealt with the complaint.  They have told us that they were never given the updated information from the providing company.  Obviously we can't be certain whether that is true or not, but we have no reason to doubt it and it doesn't really matter, as they haven't tried to buck their responsibility to us.  In fact they have already offered us what we consider to be a very reasonable way of putting this right.

They have offered us another trip, free of charge, at the end of this year.  The trip they have offered is just to the Weddell Sea, gives us a better chance of seeing the emporer penguins, and is in fact a more expensive trip than the original one we took.  We know that giving us another trip is better for them than refunding us, but this looks like a win-win solution.  Taking them up on it means changing our plans for next year and obviously paying to get back to Ushuaia again, but we think that it will be worth it to be able to take this trip, which is ideal for what we wanted to see.  And luckily we are in in a position that we have the freedom to do that.

So I will now mention the name of the agency, which is Journey Latin America, and say that whilst something clearly went badly wrong in the first place, they have done a good job of putting it right, and we would happily use them again.

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