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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Bishop Arts District and a good samaritan (Throwback post)

 One of our favourite parts of Dallas had to be the Bishop Arts District.  It was a bit of a haul out there, and the good bit are a few up and coming streets in what has been a relatively run down area, but it is worth the visit.

There are some lovely little independent stores, including Dudes Sweet Chocolates, which were very tasty.  We also found a great cafe called Oddfellows.

Now Oddfellows turned out to be even better that we had thought it was on our second visit, and not just for the food.  Our overnight Megabus out of Dallas had been booked when the downtown stop wasn't available, so we had to go to Fort Worth to pick it up.  With a distinct lack of buses to get there, we had decided to go back to the Bishop Arts District, which is part way, have something to eat at the cafe, and then get a taxi the rest of the way.

Our server had called the taxi company and they had said they didn't take prebookings but to call back when we needed the cab.  So we enjoyed our meal and a good chat with our server and then she phoned again.  And then they told her they don't go out that far.  We're only talking about a ten minute drive!  We couldn't believe it.  She couldn't believe it.  But we couldn't get a cab, and we had no other way of getting there.

As we were thinking about how we could get ourselves onto this bus, our server came back to us and provided us with the solution.  She had already spoken to one of the guys she worked with and arranged for him to drive us there in her own car. Needless to say, we were very grateful to her and gave her an excellent tip.

So he drove us to the bus stop and we made it in good time, very relieved to be on our way to Memphis.

How lovely - and lucky - to meet people who are kind enough to put themselves out to help a couple of complete strangers.

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