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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Brisbane - Friends and furry things

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
In Brisbane, we stayed with some friends, which made a lovely change. We also managed to catch up with two other people, one that Nic had worked with, and one that we met while travelling in South America.

We rather liked Brisbane, and thought it would be a great city to live in. It doesn't have a great deal in the way of tourist stuff - I'll cover that in the next post - but it is a vibrant city, with some decent shops, nice residential areas, and good places to eat and drink.

Nic at Mr and Mrs G
A couple of favourites that we tried, were the 'Queenslander' style heritage listed Regatta Hotel, and the aptly named Mr and Mrs G. The former was a beautiful looking place out in Toowong, and had a number of different areas, some with live music.

Mr and Mrs G was a great cocktail bar in the fabulous Eagle Street Pier area. The cocktails were excellent, and the food was decent too.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The people we were staying with also took us out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which was founded back in 1927, and is the oldest one. This was a nice little place, with other animals as well as koalas.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Duck billed Platypus, Lone Pine

We spent ages watching the strange creature that is the duck billed platypus. It took a while to come out of its hiding place, but once it did, we enjoyed watching it swimming around.

Apologies for the lousy photo - my point-and-shoot didn't cope well with the darkened room and no flash rule.

Tasmanian Devil, Lone Pine
We also managed to see a few more indigenous species, with the little Tasmanian Devil, the wombat, and the dingo.
Dingo, Lone Pine
Wombat, Lone Pine

Wedge tailed Eagle, Lone Pine
They also had a very good birds of prey show, with various birds including a wedge tailed eagle. The birds do rather swoop across the top of your head - so maybe not for anyone who has a fear of our feathered friends.

Bird show at Lone Pine
Bird show at Lone Pine

Bird show at Lone Pine
Bird show at Lone Pine

Kangaroos at Lone Pine
Of course the other animal that you couldn't be without in an Australian wildlife park is a kangaroo. The enclosure here was great, with lots of them happy to take the food that you could buy.

Kangaroo with joey at Lone Pine
Some were especially keen, and when a huge grey male decided to hold my hand with both of its front paws to make sure I didn't take the handful of food away - I didn't argue with it! It was rather nice to see one of the females with a little joey in her pouch.

Kangaroos at Lone Pine

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