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Saturday, June 25, 2016


As I said I, the last post, Brisbane didn't stand out for us as a tourist city, but rather as a real, somewhere to live in city. The main city area was not very big, but had a good shopping area and, as previously mentioned, some great places to eat and drink, especially around Eagle Street Pier.

Together with the proximity of decent neighbourhoods to live in, I could see this being a nice place to call home - if you can cope with the heat and those huge spiders, that at least while we were there, confined themselves to the garden. And it was quite fun to have a possum visiting the garden - albeit that I gather they have a mean bite.

Flood indicators, Brisbane
There is a large botanical garden on the city peninsula, and that was a pleasant place to walk around. We spotted a strange thing with bits of wood sticking up at different angles, and wondered what it was. It turned out to be the flood level indicators over the years . They do clearly have problems with flooding here, with 1974 being an especially bad year.

Wheel, Brisbane
The main touristy area is probably the south bank Parklands. This is a landscaped section along the river bank, which has the Wheel of Brisbane, the Nepalese Pagoda, and various boat trip opportunities. We decided to try out the wheel; it was OK, but I suppose we have been a bit spoiled with having the London Eye, which is bigger and has fabulous views. One nice thing about it though, was if you went during the day, your ticket was also valid for a second trip after dark, and vice versa; we thought this was a really nice idea.

Lagoon beach, Brisbane
Something we were surprised to see along the river, was a lagoon and beach, complete with lifeguard's hut. I guess that in a country where most if the population lives along the coast line, and even in the cities, people expect to have a beach on their doorstep, only having a river just isn't good enough.

Other areas of town are largely neighbourhood suburbs, and as we were staying with friends, we didn't explore too far. And of course there are museums and the like if that takes your fancy.

Nepalese Pagoda, Brisbane


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