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Monday, October 3, 2011

Puerta Inka

Puerta Inka
 It was a 7:30am start for Puerta Inka, which meant that Nic only got to watch the first half of the Liverpool -v- Everton match that he'd discovered was on this morning. He did manage to check the result later though and was pleased with the red victory.

The journey was longer than expected, but the sight of the Pacific Ocean gave the welcome confirmation that we were no longer at altitude.  Being used to British and European coasts, it was strange to be travelling with the sea on one side and desert on the other.  With the exception of passing through a few towns, there was nothing for miles around.

The place we were staying was simply a campsite next to a small hotel in a little bay.  Nothing to do but watch the waves rolling in and relax.  Some of the group braved the water but the rest of us just watched and laughed at their tentative approach to getting wet.
Puerta Inka

We did have some company though as another Dragoman truck, making the same journey but in the opposite direction, was there for the night too.

As dinnertime approached, I started getting the food out to make the chicken stirfry and rice.  But when I got to our fridge, there was no chicken.  Now I was certain that I had put it in the fridge the day before, but it wasn't there now, and so you do start to doubt yourself.  A thorough search of the rest of the truck didn't turn it up so we started asking others. Eventually someone owned up that they had thrown it away thinking that it was off. So I was glad to confirm that I hadn't yet gone completely mad, but not so glad that it meant that our chicken stir fry had become just a vegetable stir fry! However, the other Dragoman group heard about our lack of meat and very kindly shared some of their beef with us, so we had some meat after all.

After dinner we all sat around the campfire with a few beers and toasted marshmallows.  Well I say a few beers, but as eventually we found that we'd drunk the bar dry and they have to send into town to get more, I guess it was more than a a few.  Certainly there were rather a lot of empties collected up the next morning and one or two of our fellow travellers were a little worse for wear.


  1. Amy wondered if you have any pics of the guinea pig meal. Hi to both of you katie xx

  2. I do, but sadly am unable to load pictures from my camera at present. Will do so when I can. They show the claws and teeth and everything!


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