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Thursday, October 27, 2011


This morning we said goodbye to Tena and headed to to local bus station for the five hour bus journey to Quito.  The bus was more of a coach, and was surprisingly comfortable.  They even were showing a film for the first part of the journey.

We arrived at Quito to be greeted by a rather relieved TJ and Cathy.  Sometimes it can be hard for people who are at a distance to accept that things really are OK in a situation like this, and I think that they were both anxious to see that we really were all unscathed!

Some of the group needed to go t the loo, and as we waited outside with our somewhat depleted baggage, the police approached us to helpfully warn us to be careful of our bags in case of theft.  When we told them we were getting taxis  into Quito centre, they waited with us and escorted us out into cabs, presumably because they wanted to be sure we weren't ripped off or robbed.  This was both nice that they showed such concern, and worrying that they felt they needed to.  But we goth to the hotel with bags intact.

By arriving the day early, we had three nights in Quito, but we didn't really get to see any of it other than the shops!  However that may have been a good thing as a friend that had been on the truck earlier and met up with us in Quito, had her camera stolen in the old town by a group of five people, two of them with knives.  This along with some of the other stories we had heard from travelers we had met left us feeling Quito was not the safest place.

The first evening, as our group farewell meal, we went to an 'all you can eat and drink' place, but I don't think they had reckoned on how much we could put away.  Dragoman paid for the meal as a gesture because of the fire, but I think we got value for money!  The second night was a Sunday, and apparently they are not supposed to serve alcohol after 4pm.  We had gone to a nearby restaurant prepared for a dry meal, but we're pleased to find that they were serving after all.  I wont say where we were just in case the wrong person reads this!

On our various shopping trips we managed to buy an iPad to replace our laptop, and enough clothes to keep us going for now.  I still need new boots, and  we will rely on the spare sleeping mats on the truck for now, but we have sorted out the main things we needed.

On the Monday, we met up with the new group for the welcome meeting and meal, ready for the last leg of the Dragoman trip.

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