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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Punta Sal - relaxing at the beach

I was especially glad that we hadn't been camping, and so didn't have to take down a tent, when I discovered that we has to leave Huanchaca at 5:30am!  Needless to say, I slept for the first three hours on the truck.

The journey was a long one.  We stopped off to visit the Lord of Sipan Museum with its many impressive golden exhibits.  Unfortunately I can't tell you if it was any good, as when we arrived we discovered it was closed today for some work on the exhibits.  Suggestions were made about either bribing the guards - this is South America after all - or just using Cindy to crash our way through the wall, but eventually decided neither was a good idea and resigned ourselves to not seeing the museum.

We did visit the local Market to shop for the next few days' lunches though, and found the usual interesting mix of meats, fruits etc.

We arrived in Punta Sal to find that the Oasis truck was there.  I can't remember if I have mentioned them before, but this is another overlanding truck that we keep bumping into on our journey.  Theirs is a bit cheaper than ours though, so they do a bit more camping and bush camping than us - we tend to have a little more in the way of beds and running water.

Punta Sal is basically just a beach, so we were camping on the sand. It was hot so as Nic and I are prone to sunburn, and we have already established that I get heatstroke, we had a good excuse to spend much of our time sat in the bar.

TJ gave us a quick lesson in tequila on the first evening. Tequila is a favourite of his as he used to work in a tequila bar.  I was easily sold in the merits of a good tequila over the normal shots with lime and salt, but not everyone was.  He took this disappointment as well as could be expected!

Our second evening, we had a barbecue on the beach.  We had a bit of a problem getting a fire going initially, but once Nic and Leon got it started it roared away.  We had just got it down to the point where we could start cooking, and had gone to get our table and stuff out of the truck, when we returned to find some 'helpful' people had come across the fire, thought it was a good idea and had put another log on it to get it going again!  We had to flip it back off the fire to avoid waiting longer for our dinner.

So we spent the evening around the fire, but this time had to give up on toasting marshmallows as this was a duff brand that tasted rough.

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