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Saturday, October 15, 2011

So many early mornings!

I have never got up so early, so often, as since we started this trip.  Generally the latest that we set off is about 8:30am, and that means being up about 7:45, or earlier when we're camping and have to pack up sleeping stuff and take a tent down.

Even that wouldn't be so bad though if they were the early days, but they're not.  We frequently have to leave at times beginning with a six or seven, and sometimes, like leaving Huanchaca, it is on the truck at 5:30am.  It's just wrong!

When I was working, I always took advantage of our flexible hours to start later, but there were always times that an earlier start was necessary.  I could cope with the odd ones, but anything regular and I would be knackered for days.  So how am I coping now?  Well I still don't like it, but I think the ability to sleep on the truck probably helps.  On the early starts, I treat getting up and onto the truck as just an interruption to sleep, and once settled, drop back to sleep for a few hours.

But I guess it helps that we are actually getting to bed earlier too.  Before, I could never sleep before midnight if then, but we are actually getting used to sleeping a bit earlier. Probably because this mode of travelling with being almost constantly on the move, is fairly tiring itself even if it is just sat on a truck playing cards or something.

So those of you who know me, especially those who used to work with me, are probably astounded that I manage to make it to the truck on time.  But don't be fooled into thinking this makes me a changed person.  I am confident that given the slightest opportunity my natural night owl will reassert itself and the early mornings will again be a rare and inconvenient occurrence!

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