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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Asuncion, a tower of beer and a broken bed

On our first evening, we decided to try out a bar close to our hostel, which we had read brewed its own beer.  It is called the Britannia Pub and was clearly very popular.  We found a seat and as they strangely didn't have their own beer(?) we decided we couldn't resist trying their Torres de Cerveza, or tower of beer. This was three litres of beer in a cylindrical container with a tap so that you poured your own beers at the table.  With the bargain of half price food, we only spent £8 in total.

We didn't actually get to bed that night until about 3am, so we were looking forward to a good sleep and a nice lie in the next day.  We were slightly concerned when we spotted that the bed on Nic's side had a rather dodgy looking nailed in bit of wood supporting the base board.  It was looking quite precarious, but there was nothing we could do tonight, so we went to bed, taking care to move only very slowly and gently.  It seemed to be OK so we relaxed and went to sleep.

Until around 7am that is, when the bit of wood obviously gave way and Nic's side of the bed went crashing to the floor.  We extricated ourselves from the wreckage, established that there were no broken bones, and then had a bit of a laugh.  However it did mean that we weren't going back to sleep, so we got up and waited for the owners to appear at breakfast. We told them what had happened and they were excellent.

They initially said they would fix it, but the jolt had affected my back again, so I was loathe to get back in a bed that wasn't definitely secure.  They understood this and replaced the bed entirely for us within just a few hours.  They also didn't charge us for that night. We were very impressed with how quickly and apologetically they dealt with it.  It also meant that we could catch up on some sleep before we went back into town and tried out the nice restaurant that we had seen.

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