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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our next stop was Resistencia.  Again, this was a convenient stopping place in the bus journeys, but we had chosen it because the guidebook referred to the city having very many sculptures.  Sadly, with my back still an issue, we didn't see as many of them as we might have done. It is also the birthplace of Ernesto Guevara, more commonly known as 'Che'.  Aparently the reason he was called this is that in this area they use the word 'che' a lot, a bit like people might say 'right' in conversation.  The habit was unusual to those from other parts of South America, and so they referred to him by it.

As Resistencia is not really a backpacker place, there are no hostels, so we were again in a cheap hotel.  After our experience in Carmelo, we were a bit worried about this, but when we got there it seemed OK.  It was very basic, with small rooms a bit like cells, and a shower that was just over the top of the tiny bathroom, so when you used it everything got wet, but it seemed clean and mould free.

We had booked a room with air conditioning, and the woman at the desk was surprised that we wanted it because it wasn't summer anymore so not so hot.  We explained that to us it was still hot, which she seemed to understand better when we said we were from England; our weather is clearly legendary!

After settling in and checking emails etc, we took a wander around the town.  It seemed to get dark very early here so we didn't go far before we found somewhere for a drink and a snack.  The place had some live music going, so we stopped there for an early dinner too.

When we got back to the hotel, we discovered the problem; cockroaches.  We ended up having to play hunt and kill the cockroaches every evening when we got back.  Lovely!  We made quite a good team, with me as the hunter and Nic killing them. The cockroach count varied over the three nights we were there.  We got about twelve on one of the first two nights, but had obviously either been effective as exterminators or had just scared them elsewhere, as the number reduced to about six on the last evening.

One up side to the hotel room was that it did have a little TV, so Nic could watch Liverpool play Chelsea in the FA Cup final.  Unfortunately Liverpool lost, but at least he got to see it. Our short time in Resistencia was really just more wandering around not too far afield, still having difficulties in finding anywhere open during the daytime.  We did look at some of the sculptures, but sadly most weren't very interesting to us.  Nic was in charge of photo taking, and he doesn't tend to do too much of that, so again, not many photos from here.  Normal photo service will be resumed soon.

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