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Friday, May 4, 2012

McCartney mania in Montevideo

So we arrived in Montevideo to discover that Sir Paul McCartney is also in town as part of his tour.  And before some of you get all excited, no we didn't meet him. But this as clearly a big deal here because everyone was talking about it.  There were McCartney posters all over the place, the market stalls all had any McCartney or Beatles items prominently displayed, and whenever anyone heard that we were British the first thing they asked was whether we were here go the concert.

In the pub one evening, we shared a table with a man who we realised was also from the UK and started to chat.  Turns out he is the electronics expert with the tour.

On the big day itself, we were walking through the city centre when we were deafened by huge sets of speakers at the side of the road.
They had set up scaffolding outside of the government building and had closed off the section of the main street through Montevideo, so that they could show the concert on a huge screen to people in the square.  We walked past at around 5pm, just as the were showing Sir Paul singing Lady Madonna as a sound check.  We didn't go back for the main event though.

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