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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Paraguay from Argentina
From Encarnacion we needed to cross the border back into Argentina.  Our destination of Posadas was only just across the river, so we needed to pick up a local bus to make the trip. We had read warnings to take off all our bags at the border points at either side of the bridge, because the buses don't wait, so we wondered if this was going to be a troublesome crossing despite its short distance.

We got to the bus station and were just considering where to get the tickets when I spotted the bus we needed.  We were able to buy our tickets on board, so got straight on.  After a bit of a detour around Encarnacion, we breezed through the Paraguay exit.  The bus didn't wait at the Argentine end, but it was a simple entry, with friendly guys wanting, as ever, to talk about English football.  We didn't have to wait long for the next bus and were soon driving through Posadas.

Getting from the border crossing to the bus terminal was a lengthy journey, especially as we realised we were only going to have to come back again after we'd bought our onward tickets.  But we made it to our hostel eventually.

Posadas is quite a nice little town, but doesn't really have much in the way of attractions.  The main square is large and very leafy, with a nice fountain.  It seems determined that people should know what the square is called though, as we counted at least three signs up, all in differing styles.  It is called 9 de Julio.

There was a small artisanal market, but the most interesting thing there was a huge sculpture of a mate drinker.

With not much to do here, Nic figured it was time for us to see our first non-aeroplane film of the year.  So we went to see Los Avengadores, or The Avengers, in 3D.

We weren't brave enough to try the Spanish version, opting instead for the English with subtitles. This was quite a popular showing, and we did notice as we went in that there was a least one group of deaf people there; I guess it is quite convenient for them that so many films are shown that way here.

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