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Sunday, May 20, 2012

More gauchos, but no room at the inn

We had a very civilised afternoon bus to our next destination, so we had time to have lunch before we left.  We found a great little 'boliche' which is a bar that serves food.  It is an old place and though well kept has not been modernized, so still has the old traditional counters and shelves with displays of various of the goods that they would once have sold alongside the beers.

It is also the hangout for the gauchos.  While we were there, many of those who work on local estancias came in for their lunch and a drink.  The food was good too. We concluded that even though there is not much to see here, San Antonio de Areco is a place that we could happily have stayed longer, and is a great place to eat and drink.

Our bus was an hour late arriving, so we arrived in Rosario somewhat later than expected and jumped in a cab for the fair distance to our hostel.  We arrived only to be told that they did not have our booking and as it was the bank holiday weekend, there was no room available.  They were able to find us spaces in a large dorm, but we weren't keen, so we asked them to keep looking. We did at least have a little kitten to keep us amused while we waited; it took quite a liking to playing on and around our rucksacks.

Eventually they found us a place right back near the bus station, which was a hotel room for only slightly more than the dorms would have cost.  They gave us some cab money and off we went.  In fact the place was quite nice, even if Nic did think that they might rent rooms by the hour.  And that was before we spotted the lights that glowed out from underneath the bed. As it turned out, the mistake probably worked to our advantage as the next day I awoke with a back problem.   I could move around, just, but it was very painful and I really needed to rest it fully.  Having a proper,l ensuite hotel room, rather than a hostel room with shared bathroom was so much better.

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