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Friday, September 30, 2011

Can you have too much of a good thing?

Obviously on a trip like this we are seeing a lot of fantastic places and amazing scenery, and that will be true for many of our future travels.  But I wonder if perhaps sometimes it is too much for us to properly enjoy.

I say this because on the drives recently we have seen some beautiful scenery, yet much of the time we just let it pass by without comment.  Not entirely I'm glad to say - we passed a huge area of rocks just before we arrived in Chivay that looked like the huge columns of a gigantic ruined church, and we certainly noticed how amazing that was. But still, there is far too much that we now almost just ignore.

Some of it is to be expected. We all agreed that the Bolivian Altiplano was really spectacular, and it is natural that we will compare what we have seen.  It is hard for the scenery we are seeing now to compete, even though it is still good.

So some level of 'well it's good but it's not the Altiplano' is OK, but we need to take care not to become so complacent about what we see that we end up not appreciating it for what it is.  Otherwise we will miss out on some of the fabulous sights that are still out there.

And of course this won't just apply to the scenery.  The very fact that our travel will become a way of life rather than a holiday, means that there is a danger that we will take it for granted or even become bored with it.  We're not there yet - not even close - but we will in the future need to make sure that this doesn't happen.

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